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A Healthy social media app, where you can

Collaborate hobbies online and offline,
Get paid for your hobbies,
while minimizing screen-time dopamine

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Your Source for Building good mental health with social media

We're Building hoblet with a goal to approach social media in a healthy way, the app encourages people to build new hobbies, helps people to collaborate online or offline with other people having similar hobbies, yes you can meet people offline!

Spolier: Why not get rewarded by other people for this?

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Place to connect with better mental health

Each step of humanity is leading towards more dopamine, hence negatively affecting mental health

Hoblet is designed to cut your screen time, while only focused on hobby collaboration with people around the world

Hoblet Features

Hoblet consists of features aimed towards building a healthy social media app

"Developed screens might be different from these"

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Hobbies and
Online Collaboration

Hoblet provides an efficient way to go live or screen prerecorded video and show your creativity in front of people.

People can also collaborate on similar hobbies and go live together.


Watch what people are posting while talking with your friends.

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Offline Hobby

Hoblet Helps you to connect with people having similer hobbies and work together or collaborate on it.

This will help you to be physically active and also make friends with new people around you.


Earn money for your creativity

Hoblet provides an opportunity for hobby enthusiasts to explore their creativity and get rewarded for the same.

So why not explore your creativity?

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Decrease screen time dopamine

Our app ensures you don't get hooked for long time on our app through some techniques - no spoiler

Our app ensures you don't get hooked for long time on our app through some techniques - no spoiler

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Earn Rewards

Meet People 


Cut Screen-time

peace hoblet
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